Sesssion 7: Apila Pepita

Deconstructing visual storytelling in comics

In their talk Apila Pepita explains how they have developed their visual storytelling style. Apila pushes the boundaries of comics by deconstructing the norms of the format. Apila will showcase some of their previous works as examples of panelless comics.

Apila is currently working on a graphic novel called “ujo” through which they are searching for new visual storytelling methods. Apila received a grant from Kone Foundation for their home residency this spring/summer to work on storyboards for the ujo comic book. Apila will also present their working process for ujo comic and discusses the topics of shyness and social anxiety the book recounts.

Apila Pepita Miettinen is a comics artist and illustrator. Apila has studied graphic design in Aalto University. They teach comics and digital drawing and hold artistic workshops for students of all ages. Apila is maybe most well known for their involvement in Näkymätön sukupuoli – ei-binäärisiä ihmisiä and RIKKI – taidetta mielenterveydestä projects. Apila is active in Femicomix Finland network and creates comics from a queer feminist stand point.

Apila is originally from Northern Savonia from a small village called Siilinjärvi. Now they reside in Helsinki. 

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