Session 4: Helena Aleksandrova

Description of the performance: 

TV was serving us entertainment live long before Instagram, tictoc and Youtube. I researched various TV shows released prior to social media for an inspiration for my magic tricks, games and interaction. Bring your favourite drinks for drinking games, pens, paints and papers for drawing activity with a chance to 💥get custom made embroidery by me💥 Welcome to my brand new live performance (live as for digital not ‘life’ live) ‘Happy Hour QuaranTV”. 18.00 EEST time LIVE at Taidekirppis Youtube. 

Short Bio:

Helena Aleksandrova (b.1992) is a Helsinki-based artist and filmmaker from St.Petersburg. She works primarily with moving image, performance for camera and camp horror cinema. In her artistic practice, she is inspired by popular cultural and social phenomena as a platform for creating new ideas. Loving to perform since she was a little kid, Helena got bitten by a stage fright, that made a camera her favourite medium to perform to. Humour is her best friend. Instagram is her godmother. More is more at lifestyle dot com is her email. 

Helena got her Bachelor’s degree in 2014 from Smolny College, St.Petersburg State University. She also holds a second degree from Bard College. In the Bachelor studies, she was majoring in Film and Video. She received her Master degree from Aalto University in the program of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art. In 2018 Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded her a working grant. In 2019, she is a participant of Academy of Moving People and Images where she was focusing on deconstructing the genre of giallo.