Open Call 2021


Taidekirppis is an artist-run space, an archive, a contact zone and a temporary collection. It’s a platform for re-thinking exhibition experiences and creating an archive of past exhibitions. Taidekirppis is a home for artworks which have passed through the life cycle of being created and exhibited and now are without a place.

Each month Taidekirppis will release an open call for artists to submit their works to be part of the archive.


All mediums are welcome. Please consider that the space has its limitation regarding size, the maximum measures are:

Bidimensional works: 200 height x 300 width cm

Tridimensional works: 230 height x 200 x 200 centimetres 

Format for video works: mp4

To apply please send a photograph of the work with the following information:

  • Name of the artist
  • Title of the work
  • Measures
  • Year of production
  • Previous exhibitions where the work has been shown
  • Price of the work

Each artist is able to submit a maximum of 2 works into the physical collection. The artist is also welcome to submit more works which can be part of the virtual archive. This is so the space has the opportunity to shelter as many works from different artists as possible.


Please send your submissions to

After the open call has ended, Taidekirppis will send an email to each artist confirming their submissions and arranging the details for the artist to bring or Taidekirppis to collect the work.


Artists are welcome to bring their own work to the archive during the opening hours after prior mutual agreement.

Taidekirppis also has a free of charge collecting day once a month. So if you need help with transport just get in touch with us.


Taidekirppis is not directly responsible for the sales of the artworks. This means that the artists can include a price tag with the artworks in the physical collection which will be available to the public but once someone is interested in acquiring the work Taidekirppis will provide the contact details of the artists so the sales are managed directly between the interested party and the artist.


Send the documents to