Live at Taidekippis

Taidekirppis proudly presents “Live at Taidekippis”. The project will create a platform for artists and other cultural workers based in Finland to present their practice through online streaming from their laptops. The invited artists, curators, musicians or cultural workers will have a one-hour live show which they can utilize in the form of a musical or non-musical performance, talk, discussion, lecture, presentation, etc…
Due to the current situation with the epidemic, this live feed would be performed either at the home or place of quarantine of each person. We hope to continue these sessions also with in-house audiences after the limitations in gatherings are lifted.


Session 1: ALOES

Session 2: Karvarusina

Session 3: Anna Jensen

Session 4: Helena Aleksandrova

Session 5: Risto Puurunen

Session 6: Niko Tii Nurmi Sipiläinen

Session 7: Apila Pepita

Session 8: Roxana Sadvokassova

Session 9: Antoine M. King

Session 10: LTLeif